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Wild Food
See the hummingbird?  She nested in our avocado tree Christmas 2001
 Carob is a versatile and nutritious pod that can be a sustaining part of a natural diet.  


A ripe Carob pod can be eaten raw, with the seeds removed. The pods can also be dried and coarse-ground or ground fine as flour. Powdered, carob makes an excellent all-purpose baking ingredient, often used in place of chocolate.
Add coarse-ground to hot or cold cereal. Dogs enjoy ripe dried pods as treats!
   Carob is found along city streets all over Los Angeles County.

  These pages are intended to be an aid to learning about wild edibles -- but cannot substitute for the
essential training one needs to get from a knowledgeable guide.

The ONLY "thumbrule" worth knowing:
Know your plants!
"When in doubt, do without!"
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