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Postal: School of Self-reliance
P.O. Box 41834
Los Angeles, CA  90041
Phone:  323-255-9502
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We can create a unique class, outing, or presentation for your organization based upon any of these topics.  Just ask!

The following are graphically-aided (video / overhead transparency) 85-minute presentations for groups of any size.  $170 is an appropriate overall fee for School of Self-Reliance.  $10 is an average ticket price.

"Why Eat Wild Food?"
   -- the many hidden dangers of commercial produce, with a focus
on learning to use wild food.
"The Bounty of Free Food"
   -- those weeds we poison & pull are more nutritious than grocery produce!
"Introduction to Integral Gardening"
   -- do we really need to double-dig, kill weeds & bugs, and labor all weekend? "Desertification:  Can We Prevent an American Sahara?"
   -- the facts about this insidious devastation, and  simple methods to
prevent and reverse it anytime, anywhere.
"Introduction to Integral Health"
   -- discover what real health is, and how to seek Real Cures.  Based upon our
article in the Jan. '98  Mother Earth News.
"Anger / Hatred: a Problem of Delusion"
   -- the real issues involved when we entertain negative thoughts & emotions.
"The Rotten Apple"
   -- the astounding real causes of the fall of societies & civilizations. 
Can our honesty be that  important?
 "Survival Skills in Today's World"
   -- both wilderness and urban.

The following are Classes / Outings / Workshops, sometimes graphically-aided, for limited-size groups, lasting about 170 minutes.  $340 is an appropriate fee for School of Self-Reliance.  Each listing has a suggestion as to group size and ticket price.

Wild Food Cooking Workshop
  -- this one-of-a-kind class requires a kitchen, and offers an amazing
new resource for our daily menu! (group of 15, ticket: $30)
Integral Gardening
  -- compost,  mulch, earthworms, seaweed, welcome-the-weeds, and
be with the bugs. (group of 30, ticket: $20)
Self-Reliance in the City
  -- individual, family, and neighborhood defense-tactics and strategies.
Learn simple techniques and discover inexpensive safety-tools.
(any-sized group, ticket: $$20+)
The Red Race:  Who Are They?
  -- a unique look at the "American Indian." (any sized group, ticket: $20+)
Writer's Workshop
  -- yes, YOU  CAN author interesting, meaningful, truly useful (even
wonderful) articles and books. (group of 20, ticket: $30)
Communication / Communion
  -- come ready to practice a life-changing communication procedure,
and leave with priceless new skills. (group of 30, ticket: $20)
Empathy:  the Real Business of the Heart 
  -- why does  heart-disease kill so many Americans?  And what can we do
to protect our own hearts? (any  sized group, ticket $20+)
Real Discipline:  Correcting today's "problem-children" 
  -- positive solutions to serious familial and social failure. (any sized group,
ticket $20+)

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