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Otis is an esteemed member of the Potbelly Pig Merchants Association
Epazote Leaf
Epazote Leaf, 3 packets
Epazote Seed

This Central American native has a long history of use as a cooking spice. In addition to its unique aroma, it is said to be effective in reducing the flatulence and indigestion causing properties of beans.
Epazote grows readily in warm, sunny, and watery places (along southern California streams, for example). We grow it most anywhere in our yard, and it thrives as long as it has sufficient irrigation.
Eucalyptus Leaf
Australian Aborigines report numerous health benefits from various uses of this Australian native.
Eucalyptus Leaf, 3 packets
Wild California Bay Leaf
Wild California Bay Leaf, 3 packets
Umbellularia californica is a close relative of the old world laurel tree (Laurus Nobilis) and has a similarly pungently-fragrant leaf. Chroniclers of California Bay lore report usage for tea, grain-preserving, and to freshen and protect stored clothing.
Whole Carob Pods
This is a sample package of the whole pods. Carob pods can be eaten as a snack, or ground into flour or a sugar substitute. Since the seeds are still in the pods, they can be planted in areas ("Mediterrean") where the trees can survive. Contact us for bulk prices on larger shipments.
White Sage
White Sage, 3 packets
White sage, Salvia apiana, grows wild in the California foothills. American Indians have traditionally burned white sage to purify people and places of inimical presences.
Twigzils, 3
Twigzils, 10
These are the famous twig-pencils, hand-made here in the U.S. from tree prunings. They look like tree twigs, but they are #2 graphite pencils, or colors (yellow, gold, orange, pink, red, green, turquoise, blue, and brown available) Great gifts! Children love them!
Woodenturtle's Wild Calumet Smoking Mix $6.00
Wooden Elder Pipe

A hand-made pipe of various sizes. Christopher gave one of the first elder pipes he made to Iron Eyes Cody. Iron eyes liked it so much he put it into his museum.