Our home is in the northeast corner of Highland Park, a few minutes from Pasadena, South Pasadena, Eagle Rock, and Glendale.  Some
The student bathroom has a tile floor, tub, and tropical decor
The student accommodations features a homey kitchen with my mother's antique stove, and a modern ceiling fan
View into the student residence kitchen from the west side doorway.  All entry door have double deadlocks, the front doors have steel security screens, and both property entry gates can be locked
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The hallway to the bathroom and two bedrooms
Inside the courtyard is a wonderful avocado tree, and a special wooden dog house given us by neighbors Christine and Reg.
Highland Park history 

East-facing view through the living room, which features a Z-Gallerie chaise, comfy Kinsta chair, and wool rug from Greece.  By the door is an antique treadle Singer sewing machine.

We have a small office behind the chaise, equipped with a new computer, laser printer, and book-binding machine













Our place was built in 1955, still has the original brick facing, windows, and hardwood floors.


Burwood Avenue has an eclectic range of architecture, houses from the late 1800s stand alongside those from the early 2000s


View through the front doorway of the student residence area.  The place is fully furnished, including TV (on Dish Network), and high-speed wireless internet


Students are free to prepare their own meals, or to join in the family breakfasts and dinners (often featuring wild greens from the yard) which are vegetarian and health/nutrition focused




The residents are an interesting blend of race, culture, age, and lifestyle.
There are various educational displays on the walls.  This one shows the wild edible plants that can be found in Angeles Forest
A creeping rosemary bush on our parkway
The front yard is a wild garden
My old VW pickup, a candidate for biodiesel
My old VW pickup, a candidate for biodiesel
The "front lawn" is a wild blend of nasturtium, sage, sowthistle, lambsquarter, citrus, potted roses and lavender, plus an assortment of fragrant bulbs
Across the street, a house built in 1910 stands beside one built in 1994

The black container is a composter.

Beauty (a terrier/lab mix) may greet you at the gate

The residence has many fragrant and/or air-cleaning potted plants
The west student bedroom is pale blue, furnished with a 1940s maple set. 
The east bedroom is a mirror image of the west bedroom, but has windows along the east wall, rather than in the corner.  The east room is also fully furnished.  Both rooms have closets, and storage, and linen for both bed and bath.
There is a washer and dryer in the garage, accessible from the west walkway
Both the courtyard and the west walkway feature solar lighting

The hot water solar heated too
The west walkway fence has a long expanse of very fragrant Jasminum polyanthem




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